Terms and Conditions: Stellenbosch TV & Audio PtyLtd.

  1. All items supplied and installed by Stellenbosch TV & Audio will remain our property until the bill is paid in full.
  2. We as Stellenbosch TV and Audio supply a one year warrantee on goods installed and services provided. This does not count for the following:
    1. Multichoice changing settings or software on the decoders from their side.
    2. Weather interfering with the signal.
    3. Wind and/or rain moving the dish out of position.
    4. Services that is not in our field, but was done as a favor to the client.
    5. Equipment getting damaged or settings changed due to Load Shedding.
  3. We are not a moving company, so any furniture or equipment that needs to be moved, is done on the client’s own risk. Stellenbosch TV & Audio takes no responsibility for any loss or damage of belongings in this process.
  4. Stellenbosch TV & Audio takes no responsibility for leaks on the roof, cracked roof tiles or falling through the ceilings.
  5. We as Stellenbosch TV & Audio are not responsible for tracking your Multichoice billing account. It happens that they sometimes do extra billing or not switch off decoders as they should. YOU as a client are responsible to check up on this.
  6. Any TV supplied by Stellenbosch TV & Audio needs to be registered on your own TV license. We take no responsibility for any license fee for TV’s sold by us.